8 bottles to chug and/or sip for National Rosé Day

National Rosé DayAfter suffering a full year of fake holidays I don’t care about, National Rosé Day is finally here! It’s 10:30am and I’m already two cans of Trader Joe’s One Buck Chuck deep. That’s how hard I celebrate. Plus it’s very much needed to get through my backlog of Bachelorette episodes.

Below you’ll find a few recommendations of great bottles (or cans) to break out for National Roseé Day. And don’t be fooled by the fact that I’m drinking the cheapest of all of them. I have stellar taste… I’m just broke. That photo above? It’s not even mine, which is why it doesn’t match the selections below. Those are the bottles bossman had at his place. He didn’t even invite me over either.

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Rosé All Day – They took everyone’s favorite phrase and actually made it a brand.
VieVite Extraordinaire – If you can trust a name, this is one extraordinary rosé.
Josh Cellars Rosé – Everyone has a friend named Josh, and he’s always brings the good stuff to parties.
M de Minuty – They mocked #yeswayrosé and #brosé hashtags, which makes them good in my book.
Bolla Sparkling Rosé – What goes better with pink than bubbles? It’s a bottle of fruity fun.
Natura Rosé – It’s organic, which officially makes it healthy. I’ll take three, please.
Fleurs de Prairie – You belong… among the wildflowers. Amazing
Simpler Wines (Trader Joe’s) – It’s a $4 four-pack, and it comes in cans. It’s basically perfect.

Hope you all have an amazing National Rosé Day. Sorry about tomorrow’s hangover.

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I'm a recent transplant to Chicago and avid wine drinker. Yes, I actually use the phrase “Rosé All Day" but can back it up with a lecture about terroir in sparkling wine. I know my way around an Aperol Spritz but love nothing more than packing as much fruit into a cocktail as possible.