National Margarita Day – 9 tequilas to mix winter away

National Margarita DayNational Margarita Day, which falls confusingly on February 22nd, is a made up thing that we’re apparently still pretending exists. Considering it’s a holiday that we’re all supposed to respect, it doesn’t seem right to share all the fancy margarita recipes people have pitched to Boozist. We have 364 other days to mess with success. If you’re going to celebrate, stick with the standard.

That doesn’t mean I’m not trying to bask in those sweet, sweet internet clicks though, so I’ve included the standard (according to some) recipe below as well as a few different tequilas worth using!

Stick with the standard 3:2:1 recipe. That’s three parts tequila, 2 parts Cointreau, 1 part lime juice. Armed with that you can make as big of a margarita as you want. Make it in a bucket if you want! Just be sure that you’re aggressively shaking all of the ingredients with ice, because water that dilutes to chill the drink is very much an unwritten ingredient in the recipe.

And no matter what your friend tells you, don’t break open the anejo and waste it on National Margarita Day. There’s no reason to go above resposado, and even that’s pushing it.

Here are 9 tequilas to use for National Margarita Day:

Olmeca Altos Reposado, $23
Altos remains my best bang for the buck, and no one has come close.

Casamigos Silver Tequila, $40
It’s George Clooney’s brand, so you know it’s classy.

El Espolòn Blanco Tequila, $23
A little sweet and plenty intense. Perfect for a cocktail.

Hornitos Black Barrel, $30
Rich, smokey, and an exception to the “don’t go anejo” rule because of its price point.

Herradura Silver, $39
Even the blanco gets 45 days in wood because you can’t rush excellence.

IXA silver tequila, $37
Want an organic, artisan, and other buzzword margarita? IXA is your spirit.

Milagro Silver, $22
Estate grown agave means maximum control of the process. Oh, and it tastes great.

Casa Noble Crystal Blanco, $35
Plenty of citrus in the spirit, so it’s halfway to a ‘rita already.

Blue Nectar Silver, $43
Looks like cologne; tastes like happiness.

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