National Beer Day is today and every other day

National Beer DayNational Beer Day is one of the few fake holidays that I’ll actually celebrate. Why? Because I was going to drink beer anyway. I’m heading to a charity extravaganza tonight, so I’ll be neck deep in Lagunitas, Half Acre, Revolution, and Founders.

According to a random press release I received this week, 69% of Americans drink at least two beers per week. That’s disappointingly low. Boozist might need to sponsor a petition to create a three beer minimum. In the meantime, I put together some suggestions for you to celebrate this most holy of high holidays – National Beer Day.

5 of 50,000 options to drink on National Beer Day

Sam Adams – Fresh as Helles
Orange might be the new black, but tastes much better in Sam Adams latest helles lager than it does in prison. Or so I’d guess.

Fireman’s Brew – Blonde
Brewed by firefighters for firefighters, but they’ll let you have some too. Part of the proceeds go to families of fallen firefighters. +1 for cause-based drinking.

Elysian – Avatar Jasmine IPA
April showers bring May flowers. Or you can say screw it and crack open a delicious flower-powered IPA. No umbrellas necessary.

Old Milwaukee
Every beer doesn’t need fruit, crazy hops, or a high price tag. Sometimes you just need a can of beer. Speaking of which, they have a new pin-up can.

Kona Brewing – Hanalei Island IPA
This was my drink of choice during my Hawaiian honeymoon, and it’s finally made its way to the mainland. Tiki Tuesday. Aloha Friday. Doesn’t matter, just drink it.

Colin Joliat
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