Most Popular Beer Style By State – Does Yours Have Good Taste?

most popular beer style by state

Most popular beer style by state – grow a pair, Wisconsin

You can’t learn anything by identifying the most popular beer style by state, but stuff like this is great for clicks. It’s also a good reminder that while you and your friends only drink craft beer, most Americans are still Bud chuggin’.

And then there’s Wisconsin, who’s so hopped up on brandy manhattans that they can’t even pick a the most popular beer style. Variety Pack? That’s basically saying you hope everyone wins. It’s the participation award of beer. That’s like a Michigan fan cheering for Ohio State because, “it’s good for the Big Ten.” Please, secede to Canada.

And I see you too, Wyoming. I just don’t believe you’re actually over there. It’s just one big prank by the surrounding states and the Yellowstone park rangers.

The fine folks at Let’s Grab a Beer put together this handy map together, so feel free to direct any complaints their way. They also found that 80% of beer sold in the US is American Lager. So while our craft brewers are head and shoulders above 99% of European beer, when Germans make fun of you for drinking shit beer, you can blame middle-America for making them absolutely correct.

And because it’s an election year, you can break down the parties for yourself if you’d like.

2012 election map

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