Miller Lite is doling out kick backs this summer

Kick backs are typically only for corrupt politicians, but Miller Lite has quietly been giving their fans kick backs all summer. Well, as quietly as a massive beer brand can be.

While this is obviously just clever marketing, I like when brands run campaigns that actually offer some sort of benefit. Giving people things they didn’t know they wanted is a better way to create brand loyalty than just telling them about your product.

Does anyone need a giant Miller Lite Jenga set or branded cooler? No. Do they want one? Yeah, probably. Especially if they had both so they could use the cooler as a base for the Jenga. The games would go much faster because people would be in a hurry to lose so they can open the cooler and get another beer.

miller lite kick back jenga cooler

I haven’t gotten any of these kick backs or partaken in any of the events, but being in Chicago, I heard about Miller Lite taking everyone from Cork & Kerry to the White Sox game. The Sox lost to the Yankees 9-0, but that’s all the more reason to drink beer. Plus I’m a Tigers fan so I was silently celebrating.

Miller Lite takes fans out to the ballgame

Miller Lite Kick Back

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