Miller High Life makes it official, launches 750ml champagne bottles

miller high life champagne bottle
Miller High Life has long been the champagne of beers due to it’s classy look and slight over-carbonation. Now they’re locking in the legacy with 750ml Miller High Life champagne bottles. It’s the same High Life you know an love, just in a new vessel. And they didn’t use this as an excuse to up the price either. Even with the new collectable bottles it still works out to about an $11 twelve-pack. They’re limited edition and only available in Chicago and online, so start stockpiling for NYE now.

Miller High Life Champagne Bottles – $1.99 at Binny’s (box/opener not included)

EDITORS NOTE: Don’t try to saber one of these. Just because High Life has more carbonation than beer doesn’t mean you’ll be able to chop the top off without it shattering. And while we’re on the topic, don’t saber actual champagne bottles if they’ve been in the freezer.

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miller high life champagne bottle

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