Rum Fest hits Chicago just in time for Winter 3.0

Rum Fest Bacardi

Rum Fest. It’s a festival a rum. What else is there to know?

I’ve been to a stupid amount of fests, from standard events like street fests, music fests, and beer fests (not the movie version) to rarities like Whiskyfest, BaconFest, Mac & Cheese Fest, and even Bloody Mary Fest. Never, in all my days though, have I been to a Rum Fest.

That changes this weekend as the Midwest Rum Fest rolls its sugar barrels into Chicago for a day of fun under the florescent sun. By my last count there were at least 26 different rum brands in attendance, which is probably 20 more than most people could name. All the more reason you should probably be picking up tickets for tomorrow!

While plenty of industry people read Boozist, you’d already know about the 2-hour Spirits Industry Session so there’s no reason to share that info here. For the rest of you who are looking to booze, not talk, there’s a session for you, too!

The Rum Aficionado “General Admission” Session consist of a 3 hour program offering the attendees the opportunity to: (1) Taste new rums (2) attend brand seminars (3) enjoy pleasant music, (4) and 1 Complimentary Food Coupon to be redeem at venue restaurant.

Includes: (a) 2 oz. complimentary tasting snifter glass (b) 24 tasting tickets to redeem for spirit samples Note: Each ticket is equivalent to .25oz. pouring of neat rum or 1.5 oz of a single cocktail blend.

That’s very sweet of them to refer to idiots like me as aficionados. It’s probably a subtle request that we not get rip-roaring drunk. The tickets add up to 4 shots worth of liquor, so with the help of the “pleasant music,” even the lightweights of the world can enjoy Rum Fest without any trouble.

Tickets are $70 or $90 depending on how early you buy them. Technically Early Bird is supposed to be over, but Eventbrite shows they’re available until 11pm night. I’d hurry up and capitalize on that glitch in the Matrix. Bank error in your favor; collect $20. Buy tickets here.

There’s also an afterparty if you care to circle back for continued tiki action. My attendance at that is still TBD, but I have a feeling that wouldn’t sway you one way or the other.

I can’t decide which spirits I’m most excited to try, though I am anxious to redeem myself in the eyes of Bacardi. They’re one of the event’s title sponsors, and I’m looking to get back in their good graces after I almost missed my flight home from Puerto Rico a couple years back because they put on such a ridiculously amazing event in the “Bacardi Triange.” It’s also high time I took my revenge on the wonder that is Bacardi 8 (The Ocho).

Rum Fest Bacardi

Rum Fest Bacardi

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