Michelada recipe still cures hangovers but finally tastes good

Michelada RecipeHot days are coming to an end for those of us living in sub-ideal climates so we’re pouring as many summer favorites down our throats as we can. Shandies, sangrias, and pretty much anything that involves summer fruits. And then there’s this Michelada recipe.

Many simply know the Michelada as a Bloody Mary with beer instead of vodka. And if you’re thinking that sounds terrible, you’re right. It’s also not a Michelada.

The “chelada” is just beer, salt, and lime combo. If you haven’t tried Tecate with a little lime juice and salt, you haven’t tried Tecate at all. The “mich,” which can’t actually stand on its own like that, is where the fun comes in. A Michelada recipe can involve and array of ingredients, including any number of sauces (hot, soy, teriyaki, worchesterschireisre), lime juice, celery salt, spices, peppers, and unfortunately yes, tomato or clamato juice.

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But this is 2017, and shrubs are all the rage, so it should come as no surprise that someone created a Michelada shrub. A shrub has plenty of meanings, but in this case we’re talking about a drinking vinegar. Again, that’ll be a new term to some, but trust me, they’re delicious. They combine a multiple ingredients (fruits, sugar, vinegar, etc.) in one bottle, making your cocktail construction exponentially easier. It was one of these shrubs that brought me back to the world of Micheladas.

Pacific Pickle Works damn near created the perfect summer drink in a jar. All you need to add is ice and beer. And if you’re me… tequila. Why be transported to Mexico if you’re not also going to drink tequila? I handed a Michelada to Lauren last night, and her mind was blown.

Lauren isn’t one to mince words when my cocktails suck. I respect her for it, and I need it because my palate tells me that everything is delicious. Lauren loved the cocktail, and like many, was also picturing something entirely different from this Michelada recipe. Check out the Pacific Pickle Works Michelada shrub’s ingredients.

Fresh lime juice, apple cider cinegar, jalepeño pepper, dried chiles, molasses,
tamarind, anchovies, kosher salt, celery salt, cayenne pepper, spices.

Probably not what you were expecting. Combine that with beer and tequila over ice and the result is a drink that’s perfect for hot days, hangovers, or preparing your mind, body, and soul for a trip to Mexico. And just because you’re dreaming south of the border doesn’t mean you need to drink a garbage beer.

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America is on a Mexican-style lager kick right now. You’ve got Great Lakes’ Grandes Lagos, Sun King’s Pachengo, and Flying Dog’s Numero Uno Summer Cerveza among a dozen others. You’re already making a better cocktail, might as well use a better beer.

Boozist Michelada Recipe

Rim glass with mix of coarse salt, celery salt, and chili powder. Fill with ice. Add tequila and shrub followed by beer.

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