Matthew McConaughey gives Wild Turkey the Lincoln treatment

Matthew McConaughey doesn’t drink Wild Turkey because it’s cool. Matthew McConaughey drinks Wild Turkey because it’s GDMF’ing delicious. And because they’re paying him to now. Both are pretty good reasons in my book.

Like most, my first drink of Wild Turkey was an ill-conceived idea when I was a 21-year-old high school student. Then I didn’t touch it again for a decade. Since I took up drinking professionally though I’ve developed an affinity for bigger, bolder spirits. That’s pretty much hits Wild Turkey on the gobbler.

Then there’s Matthew McConaughey. I’ve been a fan ever since he spent six weeks dragging an Airstream trailer across the country to promote Sahara. Don’t ask me why that did it for me, but it did. 


NowMatthew McConaughey  and Wild Turkey have combined forces for the ultimate Colin Joliat pitch. How could I not share Wooderson’s new adventure? He keeps gettin’ older, the whiskey stays the same age. It’s a match made in heaven in my book. The man is an incredible story teller, and there are a thousand stories to be told in the world of whiskey. That’s especially true of Wild Turkey.

Wild Turkey
Jimmy Russell and Eddie Russell – Colin Joliat

I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with the Russell’s on several occasions, and it’s a non-stop onslaught of amazing stories. I’ve never met Bruce, Russell 3.o, but Jimmy and Eddie are two of a kind. They’re straight shooters that love making bourbon more than I love drinking it.

I can’t wait to see what comes out of Matthew McConaughey’s role as creative director. They’ve already said he was going to be recording music for the campaign. I have to assume he’ll be using whiskey barrels as bongos. In the meantime, I’ll just be over here doing Bone Luges and waiting for McConaughey to give me a call to hang out.

Matthew McConaughey Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Matthew McConaughey

Colin Joliat
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