Mash Bash Chicago: sample top rated whiskeys this Friday!

Mash Bash Chicago

Mash Bash Chicago might be the perfect Friday night

You’ve undoubtedly seen spirits ratings in ads before. Someone’s always bragging about their new 94-point whiskey. Well, the people that put the best of those ratings together are the fine folks behind I audited one of their blind tasting panels last month, and the process is pretty incredible. More on that down the road though because I know you’re thirsty.

This Friday, October 14th, you can try around 30 of’s top rated whiskeys from the last year during Mash Bash Chicago at Binny’s in Lincoln Park. What better place to host an alcohol event than my favorite alcohol emporium?! You’ll find bourbon, scotch, and all sorts of other whiskeys just waiting to tickle your palate.

You can meet the industry leaders who sit on the panel as judges (no, my stint didn’t count), see who wins the awards, and sample plenty of their amazing whiskeys. There are also storewide scavenger hunts, which sound like a drunken (responsibly) good time, discounts, and prizes for those willing to prove their knowledge. Not sure you’re that smart? There’s a gift bag (pictured below). Everyone’s a winner with whiskey!

Tickets are only $20, but you have to buy them in advance. And fire up the printer because supposedly you need to have the paper ticket on hand Friday night.


Here are a few of the bonuses that come with a ticket:

  • 10% discount on whiskey at Binnys Lincoln Park weekend of event
    • Read that previous one again. 10% off whiskey!
  • Free giftbag with event ticket purchase
  • Food at event includes Whiskey Business new menu item “Fishstyx” & Jalapeno Bacon, plus cheese, meat and cracker tray from Binnys
  • $50 LYFT ride credit, promo code: MASHBASH
    • I assume new riders one. Are there still new riders in the world?


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