Maple Mint Julep taps barrel-aged syrup for classic cocktail

Maple Mint JulepWe here at Boozist hate fake holidays, but we love drinking. So what are we do to when Mint Julep Day rolls around? The cocktail is pretty much just whiskey in a tin cup, which we fully support, but our anti-pandering nature has us conflicted. We decided to make the V2 Maple Mint Julep to ease our hungover conscience. It uses Vermont barrel-aged maple syrup and Virginia/Scottish whisky. So take that, Kentucky and/or bourbon industry.

V2 Maple Mint Julep

  • 2.5 oz whiskey
  • 1⁄4 oz maple syrup
  • 1⁄4 oz water
  • 9-10 mint leaves

Muddle 7-8 mint leaves, syrup, and water in julep cup. Add whiskey. Fill with crushed ice and stir until cup is frosty. Top off with more crushed ice and garnish with remaining mint.

Juleps are typically made with bourbon, but the Derby’s over so we’re playing by Outback Steakhouse rules. For the V2 Maple Mint Julep we’ve tapped Virginia Distillery’s Port Cask Finished Virginia Highland Whisky as the spirit of choice. It might be a mouthful, but it’s well worth the syllables. It’s made with 100% malted-barley Virginia whisky married with whisky from Scotland. Who says Kentucky gets to have all the fun?

Instead of simple syrup in the V2 Maple Mint Julep we used maple syrup. Not just any syrup though – Runamok Whiskey Barrel-Aged maple syrup. The Virginia company produces an extensive line of products, but their rum and whiskey barrel-aged syrups were what caught our eyes. We’ll try pretty much anything tossed in a booze barrel, and this was a great call. They’re event better than Uncle Jemima’s.

Our flagship Port Cask Finished Virginia-Highland Whisky is made from 100% malted barley and showcases both Old World and New World whisky-making. Virginia Distillery Company marries whisky made on-site in Virginia with whisky from Scotland. Cask finishing in port-style wine casks sourced primarily from Virginia adds depth and complexity.

Nancy Fraley, an International spirits nosing expert, has assisted in putting together this flagship whisky and offered the following notes: β€œOn the nose, dried fruit and raisins are evident, along with vanilla and barrel spice. The palate displays hints of toffee, cocoa and toasted oak with a soft finish.”

Enjoy neat, with a cube or a splash of water or in a specialty cocktail.

We take recently emptied barrels from local distillers and pour in our best maple syrup. Then we let it age for up to a year, allowing the spirit to impart its signature flavor without any alcohol. The result is combination that is unfathomably good.

Like premium whiskeys, the process takes time, and careful tending. But the result is a sophisticated duo that will become a new classic.

Colin Joliat
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