Jameson Wants You to Take Shots for St. Paddy’s Day

Long live the shot

Long Live the Shot!

Long live the shot was the overwhelming message at a recent Jameson pre St. Patrick’s Day event in Chicago. I can’t say I disagree with that sentiment; in fact I’m all for it. Hopefully this new push for shot o’clock will steer people back into shooting real whiskey instead of sugary cinnamon sadness.

You’re probably thinking, “Colin, if you’re so anti-Fireball, why not just avoid drinking it?” Well, that’s a great question… if you have self control. The problem is that people always want to buy rounds of Fireball, and I don’t have that part of the brain that allows me to turn down free alcohol. The shot is 25% sugar, but it’s also 33% alcohol. If I can get every single person who suggests Fireball to switch to Jameson, the world will be a better place. It’s triple distilled, making it’s smooth with zero burn, so there shouldn’t be anyone who can’t throw one or twelve back.

Of course Jameson can tout the hashtag #longlivetheshot until they break the internet, but they can’t plan a media event just around shots. The compliance department’s collective head would explode. Instead, we dabbled in a Jameson Smash made with Black Barrel and a Jameson Mule made with the original. Mules with whiskey instad of vodka are always a stellar choice, and The Dawson, where the event was held, makes their ginger beer in house. The result was the best Mule I’ve had. Ever. The Smash was actually my cocktail choice for the night though, at least when I wasn’t drinking Jameson Black Barrel on the rocks.

Do the right thing this St. Paddy’s Day. Shoot Jameson, and long live the shot.

Jameson tasting… because Tuesday. #longlivetheshot #boozist

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