Limited Edition Jameson Bottle – St. Patrick’s Day 2017

limited edition jameson bottleJameson is as synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day as corned beef, which is why each year they release a limited edition Jameson bottle for the holiday. The 2017 label features a hearty handshake between two people with knuckle tats. They read Sine Metu, which translates to “without fear.”

In Steve’s design he has brought the ‘chance your arm’ story to life with two outstretched hands, exchanging a handshake which is framed by the St. Patrick’s Cathedral door of Reconciliation. On the knuckles of each hand can be found the tattooed words “Sine” and “Metu”, a reference to the people around the world that have been inspired by the Jameson family motto and have etched it upon their skin as a reminder that when you fear a bit less, you live a bit more.

In the background of Steve’s design are depictions of landmarks around the city that are loved by the people of Dublin and the artist himself. The bottle depicts historic Dublin landmarks such as the Ha’penny bridge across the River Liffey, the surrounding Irish mountains and the Smithfield tower. Steve’s own story is told through on the neck of the bottle as it represents the view at night from the windows of his old studio.

I had no clue that “Without Fear” was a Jameson family motto, but it makes sense when you consider that no one is scared of a of Jameson. It’s like a nice warm hug for the soul (and liver), and happens to be part of a Boozist family tradition. We happened to use Caskmates instead of the limited edition Jameson bottle though.

As is tradition…

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Limited Edition Jameson Bottle, $25

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