Laundry Pod Shots: Swap those stupid poisons for fun poisons!

Laundry Pod ShotsPeople are making a huge deal about teens eating laundry pods, so you might find this post is irresponsible. And hell, it might be. That said, poison control centers have gotten 50,000 calls over the last 5 years related to laundry pods, so the 100 teens that have intentionally eaten them in the last year seems like it’s not the real issue.

Therefore, I’m riding the wave of a stupid trending thing… just like I did with the Ice Beer Bucket Challenge. I give you, courtesy of Tipsy Bartender, Laundry Pod Shots. These taste terrible, much like I imagine the actual laundry pods do, so only make them for the novelty’s sake. I used blue curaƧao, white chocolate liqueur, and orange Skittles flavored vodka.

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Tipsy Bartender – Laundry Pod Shots

Colin Joliat
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