Keurig Kold Makes Drinking Fun… Well, More Fun

Keurig Kold makes drinking even more entertaining.

Keurig Kold is exactly what it sounds like – Keurig for cold beverages. It’s the same pod system, albeit a different shape, but it spits out ice cold soda, ice tea, sports drinks, and even cocktails instead of the usual cup of coffee. You can feed your Diet Coke addiction or endulge in craft orange cream soda. Nursing a hangover? You’re one button away from a sports drink. Of course, I immediately thought of booze.

You can watch my first attempt to make a cocktail with the Keurig Kold below. It was a Wild Turkey and Coke, and it failed miserably. Apparently I’m bad at bath and ice management. Who could have possibly known that an undersized glass with a bunch of bourbon and ice in it would cause it to overflow? Thankfully my second attempt went much better. Full credit goes to Sad Keanu for watching me make a Jack and Ginger from atop the Keurig.

Things are even easier now that Union St. Lounge Mojito and Rita’s & Tina’s Margarita pods exist. All you have to do is add rum or tequila, and you’re off to the races. Strong… weak… it’s all up to you. Do the right thing though.

You can check out the full array of drink options here. Pods run about $4 per 4-pack for soda, so it’s not a huge premium for getting the perfect pour every time. Cocktails are $5.50/4. The Keurig Kold drinkmaker itself costs $370, so maybe as for that one for Christmas. It’s definitely a good time though, and while it is big, it looks pretty damn sexy on the kitchen counter. Just don’t let your drink overflow like I did in the video below. Feel free to laugh at my disaster.

Colin Joliat
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