Keurig beer gets one step closer to reality

Keurig beerThere are plenty of in-home beer delivery systems, from Draftmark to DIY kegerators. The obvious next step is to create Keurig beer. And I don’t mean Keurig generically. An actual Keurig beer machine might be coming to a counter near you.

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) and Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. (Keurig) entered into a joint venture focused on the research and development of an in-home alcohol drink system.

The venture, which will bring together the expertise of both companies, will build on the Keurig KOLD™ technology and system innovations and AB InBev’s brewing and packaging technology, and evolve them within the realm of the full adult beverage category, including beer, spirits, cocktails and mixers. The partnership will focus on North America.

As a Keurig KOLD owner, I’m admittedly pretty pumped about the partnership. I struggle to see how a countertop machine will do anything other than rehydrate powdered alcohol or water down some sort of concentrate, but that’s why I only write about alcohol instead of create it.

If the powers that be can create even a mediocre Keurig beer I’ll be a happy camper. Of course that comes with the disclaimer of the beer being inexpensive. It ended up costing about a buck a drink for Keurig KOLD. Obviously I’m not going to pay more than that for beer when I could buy something like Draftmark and have a large format draft beer.

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Colin Joliat
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