Space Margarita is Out of this World

space margarita

Jose Cuervo makes universe’s first space margarita.

I drink my margaritas on the rocks, but I certainly have nothing against a frozen margarita. That’s especially true if said cocktail is a space margarita.

So what exactly is going on here? Well, a cocktail was lifted 100,000 feet into space by a ballon. It was shaken by the wind. Then it froze with help from the -51.10 degree temperature. Eventually it dropped back down to Earth as the first ever margarita mixed in space. There’s no word on how it tasted, but just like the Birthday Cake Wine, does it really make a difference? You’re drinking a goddamn space margarita! This didn’t get nearly enough publicity, especially considering that it’s much cooler than the time Natty Light took a beer into space.

Cheers, Cuervo.

Colin Joliat
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