Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses are Fun Waste of Money

Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses
Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses – Colin Joliat

Making Jolly Rancher shot glasses is fun… but pointless.

After watching Tipsy Bartender make Jolly Rancher shot glasses a few weeks back, I knew I had to follow suit. Emma even said in the video that the candy adds no value, but who doesn’t love experimenting? Isn’t that why we went to college? And while you won’t get much flavor out of them, they certainly make for awesome party favors.

Thankfully it turns out making Jolly Rancher shot glasses is incredibly easy. In fact, the toughest part was unwrapping all the individual pieces of candy.

I packed 17 pieces in each shot glass mold then tossed it in the over at 350° for about 20 minutes. Admittedly I have no clue if that’s the ideal time/temp, but it worked. Then came the need for patience. My first effort involved putting the mold in the freezer to re-harden. Big mistake. Those suckers cracked immediately which made drinking from them pretty tough. I let the next batch cool on their own at for a few hours. Much better decision.

Next time around I’m going to make interesting designs, but I was a little short on candy. I’m taking it straight to Amazon instead of Walgreens for my next batch of shot glasses. Bigger bags are definitely the way to go.

Cinnamon Fire ≈ 8 shot glasses
Mixed Bag ≈ 8.4 shot glasses
Silicone shot glass mold



 Just don’t try any of these your Jolly Rancher shot glasses

Jolly Rancher Shot Glasses

Definitely check out the video that was the inspiration for this boozy experiment. This is one of a couple times I’ve posted ideas by Tipsy Bartender, but he has a whole lot more on his YouTube channel. If the man knows one thing, it’s party drinks.

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