Jim Beam Smart Decanter is the gift whiskey lovers need for Christmas

Jim Beam Smart DecanterMove over Siri, Google, Alexa, and Cortana. You’re living in JIM’s world now. That’s right; the Jim Beam Smart Decanter is here to pour you whiskey and solve life’s greatest mysteries.

The voice assistant news you’ve been waiting for: Jim Beam® unveils “JIM,” the first-ever smart decanter. Engineered with more than 200 years of bourbon know-how, “JIM” brings Kentucky charm and groundbreaking shot-pouring functionality to any home bar. “JIM” doesn’t claim to have high-end speakers or the ability to set reminders, but he can assist with one thing that really matters…pouring Jim Beam® Bourbon.

I’ve been anti-assistant since I watched Zooey Deschanel ask Siri if it was raining outside while she was standing next to a window. It was clear at that moment that artificial intelligence would replace actual intelligence. The Jim Beam Smart Decanter changes everything. A snarky assistant that gives me booze? Now that’s something behind which I can get.

And before you ask, no, this is not a joke. I double checked my calendar and we haven’t warped back to April 1st. The Jim Beam Smart Decanter is a real thing that’s sitting in the Jim Beam webstore right now. It’s $35 and preorders will be delivered in a matter of weeks. The only downside is that the 3G capabilities expire after six months at which point it’s just an awesome decanter. To say this is goign on my Christmas wish list is an understatement. This is my wishlist.

Voiced by 7th Generation Master Distiller, Fred Noe, the decanter includes a sleek compartment for bourbon storage and voice command capabilities. Unlike other smart home devices, “JIM” offers groundbreaking shot-pouring functionality that allows legal drinking age consumers to serve up a drink without lifting a finger. First generation “JIM” is available in very limited quantities, so pre-order yours before they run out!

Jim Beam Smart Decanter

Jim Beam Smart Decanter

Jim Beam Smart Decanter

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