Automatic Jello Shot Maker – Coming to a Bar Near You

Jello shot maker makes bar a nightmare.

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of 21 year old girls shrieking. Why? Because they just found out the bar has an automatic jello shot maker. “OMG this is totes the best bar EVER!” Luckily you’ll have plenty of time to listen to them talk about it while they take up bar space waiting for their shots for the next 17 minutes.

Here’s the thing. As a consumer, jello shots are stupid. For one thing they’re obnoxious to take. It’s not fun, entertaining, or adventurous. It’s a pain in the ass. More importantly, you’re getting less than a half an ounce of liquor per shot. That means you have to take three get the same amount of booze as a real shot. Something tells me that a bar isn’t going to charge you 1/3 the price either.

As a bar owner, a jello shot maker is stupid (assuming you’re the type of bar that already serves jello shots). Yes, it saves you the time and effort of making endless trays of jello shots during the day, but creating huge batches isn’t all that difficult and cold space is plentiful in a bar. Then you have the pod problem. It’s being pitched as an amazing variety, but it takes 10 minutes to crank out 20. So when two different groups of girls want shots at the same time, tough shit. You’re still making the Banana Cream Pie for that one drunk girl who ordered them five minutes ago then got kicked out.

The one time this Jevo jello shot maker makes sense is if your bar is just now adding jello shots to the menu. Charge as much as a normal shot, don’t mention the variety of flavors, and collect the cash.

I hope Jevo does well because I’m on board with alcohol consumption innovation, but this particular idea sounds better for a house party than a crowded bar.

Tip of the jello mold to Cass at BroBible.

Jevo jello shot maker

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