Jack Daniels Sinatra Century Celebrates The Sultan of Swoon

Jack Daniels Sinatra Century

Jack Daniels Sinatra Century is 100 bottles of blue-eyed booze.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Select was released two years ago as a tribute to the brands’ biggest fan, Frank Sinatra. It involved barrels with grooves carved inside to expose the spirit to more wood. By most accounts it worked quite well to introduce more oak flavor to the whiskey.

I always liked to picture that they created the Sinatra Barrels by having a midget sit on a lazy susan with a channeling knife. Just drop a barrel over him, give it a spin, and in no time you’ve got fancy grooved barrels. Sadly I was told this isn’t the case.

Jack Daniels Sinatra Barrel

This year, the release of Jack Daniels Sinatra Century celebrates what would have been The Chairman of the Board’s 100th birthday on December 12th.

“At the Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, we worked very hard to achieve a special flavor and aroma for Sinatra Century in order to give Frank a proper 100th birthday gift,” says Arnett. “This meant working with the people who knew him the most, his family, and honoring the legacy that he has shaped with our brand. We have created a product that we know the public will love just as much as Frank did.”

It’s bottled at 100-proof in 100cl bottles, and keeping in theme, there will be only 100 barrels made available. It’s also a cool $500 per liter. It’s obviously a classy bottle for a classy guy, not for some schmuck like me that writes about booze on the internet.

There are two ways you can benefit from this special release without spending a dollar though:

1) All 21+ passengers flying from JFK to LAX on Frank’s birthday, December 12, will get a tasting for free. Yep. Free. That’s even better than the Mile High Moscow Mule.

2) Post a Sinatra-esque photo or video (examples here) on Instagram, include the hashtag #ToastSinatraContest, and authorize @jackdaniels_us to use them.

Win and you and your Rat Pack get to be outfitted with a new tux (or dress) in Los Angeles, fly to Vegas in a helicopter, and party for two epic nights. You can only enter five times though, so don’t half-ass your photos. Sinatra never half-assed anything.

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