Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt is a global whiskey scavenger hunt

Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt

Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt ends with a big barrel and awesome prizes

Jack Daniels is celebrating it’s 150th anniversary by hiding 150 whiskey barrels around the world for the Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt. You have to love a brand that celebrates their birthday by giving other people presents.

150 handcrafted whiskey barrels will be hidden in various regions across the globe at historic and cultural sites, with clues on Jack Daniel’s Facebook pages to help guide fans to the secret location. Clues tied to the history of each region will be provided on the day of each local Barrel Hunt and barrels will be opened when the first person to arrive speaks the correct barrel password.

Each hidden barrel in the scavenger hunt was handcrafted from the distillery and used to mature Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey before being specially fabricated for the Barrel Hunt to house prizes, including an original, one-of-a-kind bar kit made with white oak from the barrels. Barrel Hunt winners will also receive the authentic Jack Daniel’s barrel they found along with prizes tailored to each region that participates in the Barrel Hunt.

To abridge that for you, watch their Facebook page for clues about your city, then be the first to find the barrel. If you are, you get to keep whatever awesome prize is inside and the barrel itself. That’s way better than the banana flask that was one of the prizes in the scavenger hunt I made for my fiancé.

The Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt runs from July through September and hits more than 50 countries along the way. They haven’t announced which lucky cities will get to play their reindeer games, but you might be able to make a few guesses based on the map below.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not part of this promotion, so I’m absolutely going to try to find Chicago’s barrel (assuming we get one). I won’t be afraid to cut you should you get in my way.

Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt

Jack Daniels 150th Anniversary Boozist Bottle

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