Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt is underway in Chicago

jack daniels barrel huntThe hunt is on for Chicago’s very own Jack Daniel’s barrel

After weeks of watching while other cities had all the fun, the Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt is officially underway in Chicago. There is a barrel full of prizes hidden somewhere in Chicago just waiting for a drunken soul to find.

Clues will start rolling out on Jack’s Facebook page on Wednesday, August 17th at 4pm CDT. You probably shouldn’t check that though because then my odds of winning would decrease. Really, just forget this post ever happened. Where’s the delete button? How does this website work?

150 handcrafted whiskey barrels will be hidden in various regions across the globe at historic and cultural sites, with clues on Jack Daniel’s Facebook pages to help guide fans to the secret location. Clues tied to the history of each region will be provided on the day of each local Barrel Hunt and barrels will be opened when the first person to arrive speaks the correct barrel password.

Each hidden barrel in the scavenger hunt was handcrafted from the distillery and used to mature Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey before being specially fabricated for the Barrel Hunt to house prizes, including an original, one-of-a-kind bar kit made with white oak from the barrels. Barrel Hunt winners will also receive the authentic Jack Daniel’s barrel they found along with prizes tailored to each region that participates in the Barrel Hunt.

Jack Daniels Barrel Hunt – NYC

Here are some sample clues from the most recent hunt to give you a sense of what to expect. The NYC barrel was found between Union Square West and 5th Avenue on East 14th Street.

Clue 1: You’ll find our barrel north of Houston Street and south of Times Square. There may be a bit more hustle and bustle in NYC, but our barrel is enjoying the change of pace. Think you know where to find it? Give the password “Cheers” to the barrel guard to claim your prize. ‪#‎Jacks150‬

Clue 2: In the 1870s, Lynchburg was just starting to become a whiskey hub and this area of New York was becoming the first commercial theatre district. The theatre district may have moved a few blocks north, but we’d argue the center of whiskey making is still Lynchburg, Tennessee. Think you know where to find it? Give the password “Cheers” to the barrel guard to claim your prize. ‪#‎Jacks150‬

jack daniels barrel hunt

DISCLAIMER: I’m not part of this promotion, so I’m absolutely finding Chicago’s barrel. I won’t be afraid to cut you should you get in my way.

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