Boozist Tequila Taste Test is Incredibly Useful

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Tequila taste test reveals…well, something. I guess.

People do beer, wine, and whiskey tastings all the time. Why not a tequila taste test? Mostly because people are more scared of tequila than I am of putting in contacts after a night of eating habanero wings. There’s really no reason to be, though. Unless you’re drinking tequila whose bottle dons a plastic sombrero you should be able to enjoy a shot of tequila.

When Boozist first launched, Hornitos was kind enough to send over a couple bottles to help us celebrate. What better way to celebrate than by doing a tequila taste test off of an ironing board? Clearly, Boozist isn’t making that YouTube money.

Tequila Taste Test

The two bottles in the video are Hornitos Plata and Hornitos Black Barrel. As you can tell my my complete lack of tequila-face, they’re wonderful. If you couldn’t tell, it was shot to fit Instagram’s 15 second window. The ending was too funny to cut off though.

Plata is unaged and screams “shots” like LMFAO would if they were still alive. I imagine it would also make a damn fine margarita. It’s only $20, which is the same thing it would cost you to buy just two Pappy Van Winkle jello shots.

Black Barrel, as I said in the video, is definitely for sipping. It’s double aged in whiskey barrels and felt like a waste to shoot it. The whiskey clearly rubbed off on this anejo tequila because it tastes like happiness. And at only $30 you can have a happy ending every night.

Drink responsibly and all that. If you’re going to rip 2 shots in 10 seconds, drink some damn water.

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