Horchata Vodka White Russian – The Dude May Still Abide

horchata vodkaIf The Big Lebowski has taught us anything, it’s that White Russians can never be drank too early, and you can never have too many of them. The reality is though that not all of us keep heavy cream in our refrigerator. Here’s an easy new twist on a White Russian using horchata vodka.

Growing up in San Diego, all of the Mexican food restaurants served horchata. Mexican horchata is generally made of rice with vanilla and cinnamon. I’ve always enjoyed it, and when I was visiting my parents recently I decided to take a tour and tasting of Cutwater Spirits. Guess what Cutwater Spirits is producing: Fugu Horchata Vodka. That’s right; my favorite Mexican drink is now boozy.

So how do people drink horchata vodka? They add it to their coffee (hot or iced), pour it on the rocks, or even drink it straight out of the bottle. It’s that tasty. And this discovery got me thinking. What if I made a White Russian riff using coffee ice cubes? So I made a cold brew coffee, poured it in ice cube trays, and froze it. Then all I had to do was grab glass, add the coffee ice cubes, and pour the Fugu Horchata Vodka over them.

My father, who basically only drinks Irish Coffee, enjoyed this cocktail, and that’s saying a lot. It might not be the standard White Russian, but it should still abide to the Dude’s standards.

horchata vodka white russian

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