Holiday cocktails get upgraded – now in infographic form

holiday cocktails
My good friend and alcohol associate Aaron Goldfarb put together some a visual guide for improving classic holiday cocktails. Don’t settle for a basic glass of eggnog when you could be drinking so much more. The holiday spirit isn’t about settling. It’s about going above and beyond the standard intoxication.

There’s no season during the year that calls for cocktails more than the holidays. Family are arriving, a little time off work is beckoning, and it’s time to get a little silly while counting down the days until Santa arrives. But we aren’t just going to be drinking our standard manhattans and martinis. No. The holiday season merits something completely different. You’re going to want cocktails that are somewhat goofy (perfect to pair with your crazy sweater), warming (due to the cold weather outside), rich and decadent (who cares about getting a little belly – it’s sweater weather), communal (what with everyone visiting), and boozy (again, a little time off is just around the corner)…. Continued on Fix.

Colin Joliat
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