Hershey Nugget Martini is the Perfect Cocktail for a Sweet Tooth

Hershey Nugget Martini

Hershey Nugget Martini brings gluttony to mixology.

Cocktails are great. Cocktails made with ice cream and chocolate syrup are outstanding. Of course this Hershey Nugget Martini looks chewable, and it doesn’t have nearly enough booze, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the show. It’s like flair bartending. Impressive, but it leaves you thirsty for 10 minutes while the bartender does everything but serve you a drink.

This isn’t the first time a nuggets and ‘tinis have come together. Cocktail superheroes Alie and Georgia launched their empire with The McNuggetini. While I’m partial to the ladies’ creation, if you want to have a go at Tipsy’s tipple feel free to share it.

Hershey Nugget Martini

Colin Joliat
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