Henrys Hard Soda Combines Nostalgia and Booze

henrys hard soda
Henry’s Hard Soda

Henrys Hard Soda is the latest to jump on the pop party

Henry’s Hard Soda rolled out nationwide this week, and it’s the newest entry in the increasingly popular hard soda category. I’ve generally stayed away from hard sodas because I can only drink so many root beers (approximately one) before sugar overload makes me want to vomit more than sipping warm bottom shelf tequila through a straw.

Thankfully Hank isn’t bringing yet another root beer to the table. Instead we get Henry’s Hard Soda ginger ale and orange soda. I went to a launch event back in December at a bar appropriately named Henry’s to check out the new offerings. My first reaction was that they don’t taste like booze. At all. Zero booze flavor. I double checked, and it most certainly does have alcohol though. Both are 4.2% ABV, about the same as Miller Lite.

While in Florida last week I use Henrys Hard Soda ginger ale to make a bastardized Moscow Mule, and it was pretty damn good. It lacked the spiciness of ginger beer, but if that’s not your jam this might be. Plus it’s double the pleasure with booze from both the vodka and the hard soda. Come summer it’ll be a nice light refreshing option, but hot drunken days seem forever away at the moment.

Kel loves orange soda. Is it true? Is it true? Oh yes oh yes oh yes it's true-ue. I do I do I do I do-o.

The real standout though is the orange Henrys Hard Soda. It tastes exactly like Orange Crush, right down to the glass bottle. I might be biased because Orange Crush was the name of my first soccer team when I was just a wee young Boozist, but Orange Crush is the greatest soft drink ever made. Now, it’s a hard drink, and it tastes the exact same, perfect for full-sized adult Boozist. I’m sure there are cocktails I could be making with this one as well, but I don’t want to spoil the intoxicating nostalgia.

Henrys Hard Soda is owned by MillerCoors, which puts it in direct competition with Anheuser-Busch’s “Best Damn Root Beer” and Pabst’s “Not Your Father’s Root Beer.” I’m not willing to say 2016 is the year of hard soda, but it’s definitely trending that direction.

Henrys Hard Soda

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