#GiveADamn about Helen Mirren and Budweiser’s new Clydesdale pony

#GiveADamn or else Helen Mirren will cuss you out

I can’t say for certain, but I’m quite confident that what Helen Mirren says in this video is bad. I don’t now how to swear in Londonese, but I’m pretty sure she was calling drunk drivers mean names. She made it sounds so pleasant though that I almost want to have a few beers and go for a drive just to see if she’ll come yell at me. In all seriousness though, don’t drive drunk. As the Budweiser hashtag says, you should #GiveADamn about other people. Yourself too, I suppose, but mostly other people.

If you’re feeling down about Helen Mirren yelling at you because you know you drove home tipsy that one night, here’s some happier news. Budweiser has a new baby Clydesdale. I wish I was a midget so I could go ride him! So what do you think. Can this top the adorable Budweiser puppy from last year?

Budweiser Clydesdale Pony

Unrelated to horsies or Helen Mirren: Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.


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