Heineken Motorcycle Jacket Needs To Be On Me

heineken motorcycle jacket boozist

Heineken Motorcycle Jacket looks oh so sexy.

You shouldn’t drink and ride, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear this Heineken Motorcycle Jacket during the sober moments. It was created by Concepts, a Boston sneaker shop, in collaboration with motorcycle jacket aficionado Vanson as the last piece of the #Heineken100 project. It couldn’t be a better ending.

We wanted to create a piece that captures metropolitan style, while pushing the envelope on the 2015 program’s jersey knit theme. We worked with Heineken and Vanson to produce a distinctive motorcycle jacket in grey fleece that incorporates Heineken-green lining. – Deon Point, Concepts

As with the other #Heineken100 pieces, only 100 of these jackets were made. They gave 5 of them away and are shipping the others off to influencers around the country. Sadly I don’t think I’m quite what you would call an “Influencer.” Tastemaker… maybe. Influencer, no. I actually spent some time with real Influences while writing a piece on Harley-Davidson.

The Heineken motorcycle jacket would definitely look good on me while riding around Chicago on the Harley LiveWire that I keep trying The Motor Company to give me. City gear meets city bike. Are you seeing the synergy here? It could be 8 months of pure marketing bliss. Apparently the fact that it’s not in production and will cost a $20,000 (random guess) makes that a tough sell to the higher ups.

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In any case, the Heineken100 wrapped up on an amazing note. It was a clever campaign by the brand, and served them well in connecting to a demographic that places high value on style and creation. For Heineken fans who loved the SAT (what’s wrong with you?), Heineken100 is to style what Red Star is to music.

heineken motorcycle jacket boozist

Heineken Motorcycle Jacket

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