Heart-Shaped Fried Mac & Cheese Burger is Perfect Meal for Valentine’s Day

RBB - Mac & Cheese Burger

Nothing says romance like a heart-shaped deep fried Mac & Cheese Burger.

Valentine’s Day usually means expensive dinner in a stuffy restaurant, a $20 bottle of wine for which you’ll pay $60, and heart shaped box of candy that no one actually wants. You can see why so many people hate it. Well, here’s a better option for you.

The always brilliant Amanda Downing of Chicago’s Rockit and Rockit Burger Bar has tweaked the world’s greatest burger for Valentine’s Day. On Feb. 14th you can order the Mac N Cheese “Heart” Attack. See what she did there? Heart. It’s a quarter pound black angus patty between two fried mac and cheese buns with lettuce, tomato, scallions, sriracha ketchup. FRIED MAC & CHEESE BUN. You didn’t even need the rest of those words to know this was the right decision, but to keep it classy the bun comes in a fun heart shape. See? Pure romance. It’s like a trashy novel with 30-years-younger Fabio on the cover. Plus it’s served with truffle tots, and we all know that truffles make a meal fancy by default.

You’re probably thinking, “What wine should I pair with that Mac & Cheese Burger, Colin?” Well I’m glad you asked. Don’t. Just like a midget lady shouldn’t date Dikembe Mutombo, the Mac N Cheese “Heart” Attack shouldn’t be consumed with a drink demanding stemware. This slice of Cupid’s heaven deserves, nay demands, a Bloody Mary. Thankfully Rockit’s are even more amazing than the sex you’ll be having after buying your significant other the Mac N Cheese “Heart” Attack. And not just because you’re going to be incredibly lethargic.

Oh, and singles? Don’t think that you can’t order this as well. Rockit Burger Bar has graciously agreed to cut it in half if there’s no one that loves you.

Rockit Burger Bar Mac & Cheese Burger

RBB - Mac & Cheese Heart Attack Burger 2

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