Harley Morenstein Shaves Beard; It Was Epic

Harley Morenstein shaves beard. The world cries.

This post has nothing to do with booze other than the fact that Harley Morenstein and his glorious beard were the two best goddamn booze-based chefs in the business. Epic Meal Time was and is the world’s finest cooking show, but it just got a little less hairy thanks to what I imagine was a Mayweather-esque payday from Schick Hydro.

Harley Morenstein Shaves Beard Schick

Harley Morenstein Shaves Beard 3

Harley Morenstein Shaves Beard

When you’re digging into summer foods and then meeting girls at the beach, wearing leftovers on your face isn’t a good look – ever. That’s why one of the internet’s most well-known bearded men, Harley Morenstein from the greasy, meaty, over-the-top YouTube series Epic Meal Time has partnered with Schick Hydro to give his epic beard a much-needed reboot for the summer. In his words, “whoever is tasked with shaving this beard, should have some experience in landscaping.” #ChallengeAccepted!

Photo Credit: Michael Williams/StarTraks

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