Guinness Nitro IPA Isn’t Your Grandfather’s Guinness

Guinness Nitro IPA Boozist

Guinness Nitro IPA proves that the brand synonymous with the jet black stout is more than a one trick widget.

The first thing that comes to mind when people think of Guinness is the stout that requires six steps and 119.5 seconds to achieve a perfect pour. They’ve quietly been branching out in the last year though, and drinkers are taking notice. Well, at least I am. Last year they launched Guinness Blonde, which is a solid take on an underrated style of beer. Now they’re releasing their take on the most sought after style in America… Guinness Nitro IPA.

Guinness Nitro IPA doesn’t dive into the 100 IBU game for which so many hop-heads live. It eases its way in. For one thing, Guinness drinkers aren’t picking up cases to drink something extreme. That’s never been their game. For another, hops and nitrogen don’t necessarily play that well together so they had to choose wisely. The result is an IPA that’s silky across the tongue and not overly bitter.

The rollout for Guinness Nitro IPA starts with just a few cities but it will be available nationwide in short order. It’s only available in the States because people in Ireland have never heard of an IPA. It’s 5.8% ABV and $9 a six-pack.

Check out the video below to see their Randall’esque method of hopping and how the awesome nitrogen widget works.

Guinness Nitro IPA

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