Silicone wedding rings make for a stress free night of drinking

silicone wedding ringsBetween booze events, bar crawls, and other such times I drink responsibly, there are more than a few occasions for which I don’t trust myself to wear my wedding ring. I’m not trying to tap into the insurance in year one. Luckily people more athletic than I already created the solution with silicone wedding rings.

The fine folks at GrooveLife offered to send me a few samples, and I’m all about that sample life. In reality though, the timing couldn’t have been better because I was actively searching for this exact thing. As you may recall, I’m foolishly running a marathon this year, and I wanted to fit in with all the other married runner dudes who rock silicone wedding rings. Plus sweat and valuables aren’t a great pairing.

I tried to stay modest with my color selections thinking that I wanted it to look like a normal ring. I was leaning towards a few different shades of gray (wherever I go) and a black band. Luckily they threw in a blue one because it instantly became my favorite. More people have commented on that damn blue band than anything I’ve worn in my not-so-short life. At this point if I had a size nine in every color I would match my ring to my outfit every day.

The real question is comfort, and thankfully GrooveLife passes all tests on that front. My finger doesn’t get hot/sweaty underneath thanks to the titular grooves. It’s not constricting whatsoever, though I have thrown on a size larger a few days when it was particularly hot & humid. And I admittedly forget I’m wearing it half the time. youre

Bottom line… GrooveLife solved a legitimate worry in my otherwise glorious life. Silicone wedding rings are never going to replace the real deal, my wife wouldn’t allow that, but they will definitely get more than their fair share of usage.

The sharpe-eyed boozists among you spotted it in my first Recovery Beer article. And sometimes the drinking and athletic events come together, like the video below in which I tested out Trader Joe’s new cans of rosé during 4th of July softball.

Celebrating America or scientifically testing @TraderJoes new $1 sparkling rosé.

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