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Drinking Jackets are drunken good groomsmen gifts

It’s tough to pick good groomsmen gifts. My wedding is this November, so I’m on the hunt for most interesting, useful, and awesome groomsman gifts on the market. The best of the best will be shared here, because you’d hate to buy eight of something nobody actually wants.

I’ve been fortunate to only stand in weddings with great swag, but I’ve heard more than my fair share of stories about groomsmen gifts that didn’t even make it out of the hotel. One thing that definitely won’t be left behind is The Drinking Jacket from booze host extraordinaire, Zane Lamprey.

The Drinking Jacket is the 2nd most important article of clothing a man should own. It’s packed with features that everyone can appreciate, from professional boozers like Zane Lamprey and me to 21-year-old sippings their first legal lager. Beyond the fact that it’s more comfortable than sleeping naked on silk sheets, there are two things that really stand out.

groomsmen gifts - boozist
Drinking Jacket Zipper – Colin Joliat

One – the zipper is a bottle opener. For as pointlessly clever as people have gotten with bottle openers, how had it not been made into a zipper? The only possible downside is that you don’t have an excuse to show off the obscure ways you know how to open a bottle.

Two – the breast pocket is a koozie. And I’m not just saying that a beer fits. The outside pocket leads to an actual real-deal neoprene koozie on the inside. I’ve been putting beers in pockets in which they didn’t belong for years, and now my dream has become an ice cold reality.

groomsmen gifts - boozist
Koozie Pocket – Colin Joliat

Of course that’s not where the fun stops. The Drinking Jacket has a sunglasses holder, an ID/money pocket, a flask pocket for a few ounces of Monkey Rum, huge inner pockets perfect for ziplock bags full of beer, grip-laden foldable drinking mitts, and several other little touches that make it a master of drunken engineering.

Last but certainly not least though is a permanent excuse to make someone drink. If you watched Three Sheets then you know that the first person to spot a monkey gets to make someone drink, and The Drinking Jacket has reflective Pleepleus smack dab in the middle of the hood. I’m sure it has some safety benefit too, if you’re into that sort of thing, but I love it for the go-anywhere drinking game.

The Drinking Jacket is currently $80 and worth far more than that. I emailed Zane’s people about a possible bulk discount, and he sent me a note back saying they could cut 10% off from an order of eight jackets. And while Zane Lamprey and I are brothers in booze, I don’t actually know him so it’s not like he’s just doing me a favor. That’s doesn’t mean he has to do it for everyone wanting amazing groomsmen gifts, but it’s worth shooting them a message if you’re outfitting your entire whatever-the-opposite-of-a bridal party with Drinking Jackets.

Photo: Colin Joliat
Blurry photo of a Drink Jacket being used to consume cocktails from fresh apples.

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