Chuck Testa Is Back And Hunting For The Great White Stone

The Great White Stone is about to be taxidermized by Chuck Testa.

Chuck Testa hit the scene back when I was first making the transition from internet comedy curation to booze writing. His original commercial made by YouTube stars Rhett and Link – whose show Good Mythical Morning I still watch daily – and the subsequent autotune remix from Schmoyoho nearly burned out my screen they were played so much. Now he’s back and drunker than ever as part of a new “Hunt for the Great White Stone” promotion from Keystone Light.

This hunting season, Keystone Light partnered with Chuck Testa, owner of Ojai Valley Taxidermy and YouTube sensation, to launch “The Hunt for the Great White Stone.”

The Great White Stone is an elusive white can hiding in select orange multipacks of Keystone Light. From September through November, fans will be on the hunt for this elusive beast, and are encouraged to collect additional cans, either standard orange hunting cans or those featuring white antlers, to stack atop the Great White Stone to build a legendary mount.

Admittedly I’m not a hunter nor do I really care to seek out the limited edition white can, but I’m absolutely willing to support Chuck Testa. Plus it’s about to be Halloween and how could I possibly pass on a 30-pack of orange cans? It doesn’t get any more accidentally festive that that. I haven’t been this excited to buy Keystone Light since the Pistons won the ‘ship, and I was buying 30-packs in bulk just because they self-branded as “Stones.”

I don’t know who at Olson creative agency came up with this idea, but they deserve a medal of honor.

Great White Stone

If you somehow made it through all these years without seeing Chuck Testa’s Songify This video from Schmoyoho, do yourself a favor and watch it on loop for the rest of the day. “Did that rhino just order a drink?”

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