A grab bag of alcohol gifts, from whiskey coffee to tequila candy

alcohol gift guide
We’ve already covered things for the whiskey and beer lovers on your list, and now we bring you a grab bag of alcohol gifts. We’ve got spirits, candy, and even a torch. There’s truly something forever ever person remaining on your list.

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Alcohol gifts under $25

Cabernet Coffee Espresso – $2.50
Torn between your two great loves, coffee and wine? Have both with the world’s first (I think) coffee-wine. It tastes exactly like you think espresso infused wine would taste. It’s also hilarious.

Van Gogh Vodka Making Spirits Bright Holiday Gift Pack – $5
More brands should make sampler packs, especially vodka brands that want to differentiate their products. Van Gogh’s includes four different 50ml bottles of vodka in one handy box.

Amarula Cream – $17
It’s the most intersting cream liqueur in the world, and every bottle you buy helps save African elephants. You can’t get any better karma than that!

Lillet Rose – $20
You might have had Lillet Blanc, now it’s time to try its sister, Lillet Rose. It’s a perfect addition for holiday cocktails like the ridiculous easy-to-make spritz all the cool kids are drinking.

Seersucker Southern Style Gin – $21
You don’t have to wait for summer to rock seersucker with this southern style gin that has bonus notes of citrus, honey, and mint. Break out the floppy hats; it’s time to drink.

Alcohol gifts under $60

alcohol gifts

Casamigos x Sugarfina Tequila Candy– $28
Skip the candy canes and go for Sugarfina candy infused infused with Casamigos tequila. The You Had Me At Tequila bento box includes a Margarita, Paloma, and a shot of tequila-filled chocolate.

Altos Anejo – $35
Olmeca Altos has long been my bang-for-the-buck recommendation when it comes to cocktails, and the same holds true for this monumentally sippable anejo tequila.

Frisco – $35
It’s like Pisco, but from ‘Frisco. This unique spirit is 45% ABV unoaked brandy that’s mission in life is the make the best cocktails imaginable, and it pretty much succeeded.

Bernzomatic TS4000 High Heat Torch – $35
Ever since having a cocktails containing ashes from dried fruit in Bali I’ve wanted to light things on fire and drink them. You should too. It’s fun. Plus you can pick one up at Home Depot when you’re getting your holiday hot dog.

FEW Spirits Copper & Kings Rye Finished in American Brandy Barrels – $40
One of my favorite Chicago whiskeys teamed up with one of my favorite brandies for a unique spirit that speaks straight to the soul of any rye whiskey lover.

alcohol gifts

Deadhead Dark Chocolate Flavored Rum – $40
Whether you’re in it for the awesome monkey bottle or the delicious five-year-old rum infused with dark, slow roasted Caca, this will absolutely make you the gift-giving winner this year.

Papa’s Pilar Sherry Finish – $45
Seven different hand-selected rums up to 25 years old end up in one bottle with your name on it… assuming your name is Sherry. It’s one of the most interesting rums you’ll try this year.

Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Arrow – $47
You can’t go wrong with this staple of the champagne world and it’s most recognizable yellow label. It tastes as good as it looks, just a little less pointy.

Bushmills x Root & Branch Coffee – $50
In an effort to make the perfect Irish coffee, Bushmills teams up with Belfast coffee roaster Root & Branch to create their own coffee, including seasoning the coffee beans in Bushmills whiskey casks.

Patrón 2017 Limited Edition 1 Liter Bottle – $60
Great tequila gets even better in a pretty bottle you won’t want to hide in a cabinet. The art deco design features a black and silver handcrafted pewter label with a very colorful Patrón bee.

Alcohol gifts over $100

alcohol gift guide

Champagne Bollinger – $150
This limited-edition Bollinger Rosé 2006 is brand new from the classic Champagne house (oft cited as Bond’s favorite) and comes in a beautiful metallic gift box that I will absolutely be watching for on eBay.

Avión Extra Anejo Reserva 44 – $160
This tequila spends a 44 months in oak barrels, the last of which is in petite barrels that are rotated daily. The result is one of the best super premium spirits on shelves today.

Nachtmann Punk Whisky Decanter & Tumblers – $160
Smash your dainty decanters and replace them with this punk rock set that makes as much of a statement as the 101-proof Wild Turkey you keep within it.

El Tesoro 80th Anniversary Limited Edition – $200
Only 8 casks of this 8 year old tequila were produced, making it the perfect gift for the tequila collector in your life. Just be sure they let you try it before it’s gone for good.

Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

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