Gifts for whiskey lovers at every price point… except $1,000+

gifts for whiskey loversYou’re a good person if you’re buying booze for someone. Thoughtful gifts are nice, but alcohol is always a winner. Plus, buying whiskey gifts for whiskey lovers is actually pretty thoughtful.

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Under $50 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Year of Good Whiskey Calendar – $12
365 days of different whiskeys, histories, and fun facts. It’s the perfect way for just getting into the spirit to learn and/or pretend like they already know everything.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit – $24
Mix drinks like a pro on your next flight with this kit containing a recipe card, spoon/muddler, bitters, and sugar. Just be sure to bring your Southwest drink coupons because it doesn’t include the booze.

Aged and Infused – $25
Infusions are all the rage, and now you can easily do it at home with these clever kids. Pick your own whiskey and infuse with Spiced Orange, Vanilla Espresso, Spicy Pineapple, Apple Cinnamon or Peachy Fig.

gifts for whiskey lovers

Stillhouse Whiskey – $25
Sometimes you just need to drink 100% corn whiskey that comes in a can. It’s perfect for a stocking stuffer or for taking on the road for your drive home for the holidays (as long as you’re the passenger).

The Sexton – $26
This brand new single malt Irish whisky is made with 100% Irish malted barley and aged four years in sherry butts. It punches well past its age and it’s price point, and the bottle flat-out looks awesome.

Jack Daniels Rye – $27
The latest offering from Jack is one of my new go-to for great everyday cocktails. The 70% rye and 18% corn give it a little something of interest for everyone.

Glenlivet Founders Reserve – $43
Founders Reserve is an affordable bottle from the go-to name in scotch that’s perfect for bringing to a classy party or giving to your friend who keeps talking about getting into scotch.

gifts for whiskey lovers

Whiskey Tasting Party – $40
Get into whiskey tasting with this great starter pack. It includes four tasting glasses, an eye dropper, whiskey stones, and a booklet that will guide you through everything you need to know to taste like a pro.

Bulleit Flask – $40
If you have a Bulleit lover in your life, let them take it anywhere with this awesome looking 3oz flask that’s a blend of metal and wood. It’s the perfect size for surviving the holidays.

gifts for whiskey lovers

Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration – $40
It’s a combination of bourbon and rye barrels that blends smoke and spice for the perfect accompaniment to the dinner table. Who needs wine when you can have whiskey pairings?

George Dickel Barrel Select – $45
I’ve given my wife a bottle Dickel for Christmas every year I’ve known her, and we’re still married. Sure it’s only been 3 years, but who am I to end a gloriously intoxicating tradition?
Wild Turkey Rare Breed – $45
Forgot 101-proof, this barrel-proof turkey rolls in at 58.4% ABV and 100% flavor-packed happiness. Any bourbon fan will love to have this, especially if they’re Matthew McConaughey fans.

Under $100 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

gifts for whiskey lovers

Old Forester Statesman – $55
The perfect whiskey for the Channing Tatum fan in your life. It was released for the Kingsman movie but this 95-proof perfection needs no novelty tie-in to make my tastebuds sing.

Crown Royal Wine Barrel Finished – $60
Everyone knows someone who only drinks crown. Don’t venture far, just move up a shelf with a 6-month rest in American oak cabernet sauvignon barrels. It’s still Crown… just with a flavor booster.

Rabbit Hole PX Sherry Casks – $80
Wine continues to make their mark on holiday gifts as this 5-year-old wheater takes its straight bourbon and finishes it in 30-year-old Pedro Ximénez sherry casks.

Over $100 Gifts For Whiskey Lovers

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Cherry Wood Smoked Barley – $100
You can’t change a Woodford lover, so your best bet is to improve within the same vein. This 12th offering in the limited-edition line is 30% malt and pumped full of cherry wood smoke.

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary – $130
Limited release, single barrel, uncut, unfiltered. If you’re looking for buzzwords they don’t get any more delicious than that. Every bottle is aged 12-13 years and comes in at 120-125 proof. If you’re shopping for me I’ll take two.

Orphan Barrel Entrapment – $150
The 11th iteration of the Orphan Barrel line is a 25-year-old leftover from the Crown Royal Deluxe line from 1992. It’s 97% corn makes it unique in the Canadian space and a wild offering for the Crown lover in your life.

gifts for whiskey lovers

Lock Stock & Barrel 18 Year – $230
Whether you like the original or Snatch, you can’t go wrong with Lock Stock & Barrel. It’s one of the oldest straight ryes on the market and that age has treated it very well.

Glenfiddich Winter Storm – $250
The latest experiment from Glenfiddich takes 21 year old spirits and adds another 6 months in icewine barrels. If all storms were this good I’d move to the Arctic.

Laphroaig 27 Year Old – $750
Most can skip this because of the price point, but if you’re in the market for an amazingly old scotch that still manages to maintain its signature smoke while adding salt and spice, this bottles for you.

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