Last minute holiday gifts for beer lovers on your shopping list.

gifts for beer lovers
The best gifts for beer lovers can usually be consumed, but there are plenty of non-liquid options as well. If you’re struggling to come up with just the right thing, consider one of these options. They’ll definitely love you more than they otherwise would.

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Less than $40 gifts for beer lovers

Miller Lite Holiday Sweater Beverage Wrap – $5
Miller Lite sold out of their famed ugly sweaters again this year, but your bottle can still dress to the nines with it’s own mini-sweater. It’s probably the only sweater someone actually wants to get from you, and when it comes to gifts for beer lovers, this is a perfect place to start.

Beer Greetings Six-Pack Carrier + Greeting Card – $8
It’s tough to call a six-pack a gift… unless of course you put it in a holiday carrier. Then it’s clearly a present and not just the beer you brought over for the night! Whether it’s a thoughtful build-you-own six pack or a random collection of your rogue beers that you clearly don’t want, someone is bound to think you cared when they look this good.

Heineken Magnum – $10
Forget Edward Forty Hands. Go big or go home with this 1.5 liter bottle of Heineken! Whether it’s going under a Christmas tree or being brought as a gift to whomever is hosting your NYE festivities, you really can’t go wrong with a giant bottle of Heineken. It’s festive. It’s delicious. And you can even pick it up at Walmart while you’re getting paper in which to wrap it.

Goose Island – Bourbon County Brand Stout – $12
We’ve finally reached the point that BCBS is readily available on shelves long after Black Friday. The variants are gone, but I just saw original and barleywine in the cooler at 7-Eleven. Just because it’s out in big quantities doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the best damn beers on the planet though. Just be sure you get it at a beer store and not the aforementioned 7-Eleven where they wanted $20 for it, a 66% markup.

gifts for beer lovers

Brew Soldier Bottle Opener – $12
Most people have a dozen bottle openers lying around the house because they’re constantly getting lost. That’s not a problem with this tiny grade 5 titanium bottle opener that will always been on your key chain. It’s significantly smaller than most key ring bottle openers but still just as strong.

Moody Tongue – Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter – $15
Know someone who loves dessert almost as much as they love beer? This is the perfect gift. Culinary brewing pioneer Jared Rouben combined Oaxacan Chocolate and Mexican cinnamon to create my favorite dessert since Bookers bourbon. If every person coming to my NYE party brought a four-pack of this I would die a very happy man.

Stella Artois Holiday Gift Pack – $20
If you are looking to give more than just a beer this year, look no further than Stella Artois. They have an oversized 750ml bottle that comes complete with two of their fancy glasses. And what better way to let your someone know you care than by letting them drink beer out of a chalice? If they already have top-notch vessels, the beer alone can be had for $7.

Beer Lovers Flight Nite – $24
Host your own beer tasting with this all-in-one (all except beer) kit that includes 2 paddles, 8 glasses, a flavor pairing sheet, and a handy booklet that will help guide you to becoming a reasonable taster instead of just a person who happens to consume beer. With this you can pass off all those various bombers you bought as “research.”

gifts for beer lovers

Toast Leather Pint Glass Cuff – $24+
Koozies are for college. This laser-cut, hand-stitched, real leather cuff wraps your favorite pint glass in pure classy and luxury. You can get them customized or keep it all business, but either way Ron Burgundy is going to be extremely jealous of how big of a deal you are.

Brew Ha Ha! The Crafty Game For Beer Lovers – $25
Shakespeare’s circumlocution pales in comparison to that of modern day beer reviewers. Now you can create your own ridiculous descriptions of each beer with this Cards Against Humanity’esque game based on beer. It’s an ideal excuse to sit around drinking with your friends.

Ted’s Cigar x Samuel Adams – $35
What’s better than beer? Drinking beer alongside a beer flavored cigar, obviously. OK, so they aren’t exactly “beer flavored,” but they are aromatically seasoned with beer. These Dominican cigars come in a 3-pack of Sam Adams beers – Winter Lager, White Christmas and Chocolate Bock. They’re all mild-to-medium bodied so they’re great even for those who don’t regularly smoke cigars.

Scratch-Off Beer Poster – $40
Remember back when scratch-and-sniff bookes were the best things in the world? Childhood… meet adulthood. This poster has 99 scratch and sniff beers on the wall, and my nose is getting drunk just thinking about it. Options spread across all categories and breweries, including beers Pliney and Delirium just to name a couple.

Over $40 gifts for beer lovers

gifts for beer lovers

The Barbarian Nine-In-One Multi Tool – $45
I break this bad boy out even when I simply need to open a bottle. Why? Because it looks awesome. It also works awesomely. It has a citrus juicer, jigger, corkscrew, zester, bottle opener, can lance, and multiple knifes. It’s basically MacGyver’s dream cocktail tool.

Natty Light Throwback Sweatshirt – $49
Natty Light holds a special place in most people’s hearts, and now you can wear that love on your sleeve with an old school Natural Light sweatshirt. People rarely comment on my clothing, but I’ve had more strangers randomly say “nice shirt” in the last week than in the last two years combined.

TrailKeg – $100
Growler technology has come a long way from the simple semi-effective glass jug. The TrailKeg pressurizes the growler so the carbonation is perfection for weeks. It’s also vacuum sealed so beer will stay cold for up to 24 hours. Now you don’t have to hurry up and drink that roadie from your favorite brewery and can instead savor it throughout the day.

Sam Adams Utopias – $200
If you want to go nuts this year, check the shelves for a bottle of Sam Adams Utopias. Just be sure it’s for someone you really like because it’s $200 for a 750ml bottle. It’s 28% ABV (banned in 12 states for excessive excellence) though and tastes like a rich cognac, so make sure you stick around for when they open it!

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