Ghost of Patrick Swayze Wants You to Drink PBR

patrick swayze pbr

Patrick Swayze combines the Road House round-housing Dalton with his inner John Travolta for a commercial in which he disco dances for PBR. Confused? Me too.

Long before hipsters appropriated PBR, ruining the deliciously shitty beer for everyone, Pabst was trying to get in on what’s quite possibly the antithesis of the hipster movement… disco. Who better to bridge that gap than P.Swayze.

Of course this was long before Dalton, Darry, Johnny Castle, or Bodhi. If you can believe it… when this commercial was shot, Patrick Swayze was equally as famous as you are right now. Which leads me to wonder how they thought the gazelle-like P.Swayze was going to convince people to drink PBR in a disco club. Plus, you know, cocaine.

Colin Joliat
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