Father’s Day whiskeys that will earn your dad’s respect this year

Father's Day Whiskeys
Around this times writers roll out the “don’t get dad another tie” speeches before giving you their list of Father’s Day whiskeys. Problem is, no one old enough to buy booze gets dad a tie. That’s kid shit. I’ll save you the word count and just go right into the list. If you want to know more than a single quip about any of them, they’re all hyperlinks out.

Scotch Whisky

Speyburn Arranta Casks: Bold move making single malt scotch using only first-fill bourbon casks. $40
Highland Park Valkyrie: Extra dose of sweet peat in this the first of three Viking Legend releases. $80
Glenfiddich Project XX: 20 experts picked 20 barrels to make one incredible whisky. $80
Laphroaig Lore: The smoke stack’s richest expression yet. Bring your fire extinguisher. $125
Usquaebach An Ard Ri: Hard to say, fun to drink. It was last week’s Whiskey Friday selection. $200

Bourbon Whiskey

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year: Great drink all by itself or pair it in a boilermaker for a real party. $47
Rabbit Hole Straight Bourbon: 20% barley makes for a unique drink in the bourbon space. $50
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel: It was my personal wedding bottle, which is all you need to know. $60
Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 23: Every year Diageo’s orphan gets older, and it keeps getting better. $120
Knob Creek 25th Anniversary: Unfiltered, cask strength, single barrel. All boxes are checked. $130

Other Whisk(e)y

Templeton Rye 6: The rye we all already loved gets an additional two years of aging. $50
Crown Royal Wine Finished: New iterations are an obvious choice for any Crown loving dad. $60
Tyrconnell 16 Year Single Malt: Double instead of triple distilled, a rarity for Irish whiskey. $100
Hochstadter’s Family Reserve: 16yr, 100% rye distilled by the same people that make Whistle Pig. $200
Teeling 24 Year: Made with some of the oldest single malt Irish whiskey ever bottled. $500

And there you have 15 different Father’s Day whiskeys. Still haven’t figured out just the right bottle? Check out last year’s list. If you want to buy something that isn’t whiskey, those links are coming as well. Hell, they might already be directly below this sentence.

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