Father’s Day gifts for the epicurean dads of the world (or yourself)

father's day giftsSo your dad’s liquor collection is overflowing, and you don’t know what to get him. No problem. We’ve rounded up a dozen stellar Father’s Day gifts for you, from bar games to booze infused coffee. All the Father’s Day gifts link out should you need more than a quick quip about each!

Q Drinks: Certified non-GMO for those who care. It tastes better, which is the real edge. $1

City Rocks Glass: Cities, novels, and even the Constitution adorn a rocks glass. $14father's day gifts

The Bitter Truth Bar Pack: Unique set with Peach, Olive, Cucumber, Chocolate and Tonic bitters. $20father's day gifts

Spirits Infused Coffee: Fire Dept. Coffee infuses bourbon, tequila, or rum into morning routines. $20

Crownhole Boards: Play cornhole indoors with this small tabletop board that uses beer caps. $20

Tin Cup: Never pick up the wrong ball again with a beer marker. $20tin cup

Bourbon Candle: If it always smells like whiskey you can’t be accused of drinking. $29

Stanley Growler: Bigger, colder, longer. It’s the perfect growler. $37

Rabbit Electric Wine Preserver: Keep bottles of wine fresh even after pouring just a single glass. $75

Bacon Bracelet: Classy leather/silver bracelet is perfect for chefs & bacon lovers alike. $85

FastFerment: Homebrewing made easy with primary & secondary fermentation in one place. $190

Lifetime Subscription to Boozist: It’s free because it doesn’t really exist. But I said a dozen Father’s Day gifts, and damnit you’re getting a dozen Father’s Day gifts. $0

Father’s Day Gifts – Whiskey

Father’s Day Gifts – Not Whiskey

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