9 last minute bottles of Fathers Day booze that’ll make you a good child

Highland Park Ice

Help me Fathers Day booze, you’re my only hope

Every year you tell yourself that you’re going to get your dad something meaningful for Father’s Day, and every year you forget. Luckily, your dad didn’t want a gift with some made up sentiment anyway. He wants a nice new bottle of Father’s Day booze. The best part is, you can still go buy it today, and he’ll have no idea that you’re a terrible son/daughter.

You’ll find nine great options for Fathers Day booze below, and you can check out last years as well

highland park ice edition
Highland Park Ice Edition
Some say it will be impossible for Highland Park to top their Valhalla series, but they’re damn sure going to try. The first new special edition represents the Ice Realm. It rocks a blue tinted and awesomely shaped bottle within a mountainesque wood crate. It’s 17 years old, 53.9% alcohol (thank you!), and primarily aged in used bourbon barrels. Only 3,915 bottles made it to the States, which makes it a whole lot more meaningful than being one of 16-million men with a #1 Dad mug. $300


Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Bourbon Barrel Reserve

Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Bourbon Barrel Reserve
Does your dad love America but drink scotch? Help him sort out his twisted allegiances with a bottle of Glenfiddich 14 Year Old Bourbon Barrel Reserve. Yes, it’s made by the kilts, but it’s only available in the good ole U.S. of A. The whisky was aged for 14 years in used bourbon barrels then finished in new charred American oak. It’s about as ‘Murica of a scotch as you’ll find. $50





CC 100 RyeCanadian Club 100% Rye
Canadian whisky is synonymous with rye, but it’s mostly smoke and mirrors. Not this one though. The 100% rye makes it a spicy meatball – one that’s aged in three different types of wood to build character. You know… that stuff your dad tried to build in you. Canadian Club 100% Rye only just recently launched in the States, so it has that newness guys love. And as the price you’ll see 7 words from now shows, it’s definitely affordable. $20






crown royal northern harvest ryeCrown Royal Northern Harvest Rye
Speaking of Canada, they’re still the reigning #1 whiskey in the world. If you’re dad is big into rankings, might as well get him a bottle of Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. It’s damn fine whiskey according to both the Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible and me (more importantly). Plus it comes with the signature Crown Royal sack. It’s gold rather than purple, fitting for such a special occasional as you pretending to not have forgotten Father’s Day. $30





fathers day boozeTullamore D.E.W. 15 Year Old Trilogy
Tullamore is my go-to Irish shot, but their extended range is what really sings their song. 15 Year Old Trilogy is the newest addition to the permanent collection. The name comes from combining pot, grain and still whiskey to, which as they put it, “unearths layers of rich character and a uniquely complex yet smooth taste.” That sounds a lot like marketing blather, but it’s damn accurate. If your dad drinks Irish whiskey, grab him a bottle of this. $80





boodles gin bottleBoodles London Dry Gin
If your dad is a G&T kind of guy, blow his Fathers Day booze mind with a a short squat bottle of Boodles. It’s one of the few gins that has no citrus botanicals in it, which gives your dad the sweet, sweet freedom to make his drink as citrusy as he likes. It’s like a choose your own adventure gin & tonic. Dadhood meets childhood. $25





cuervo reserva bottleJose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia
I included José Cuervo Reserva de La Familia in my bucket list tequila roundup for Cool Material, so obviously I’m doubling down here. Get beyond the gold and Cuervo has some amazing tequila. Whether you dad is a tequila buff or you just want to prove that something most people scoff at, like your career choice, can be truly wonderful. Plus, it has family right in the name, making it appropriate for Father’s Day. $150



farthers day booze
The Hilhaven Lodge
If you’re dad is a movie buff, The Hilhaven Lodge is the choice for him. The brand is from Hollywood super director Brett Ratner. It’s not a novelty bottle though. It’s been crushing the awards circuit just like The Revenant. The whiskey is a blend of three different styles of whiskey spanning across three decades – Bourbon from the 2000’s, Tennessee Whiskey from the 1990’s and Rye Whiskey from the 1980’s, making it a unique time capsule for dad’s shelf. $50



Bache Gabrielsen VSOP Natur and EleganseBache-Gabrielsen VSOP Natur & Eleganse
If dad keeps it classy, go with cognac. Bache-Gabrielsen just entered the US market, so he can be one of the first to enjoy its long history of cognacian excellence. VSOP is the logical choice too because it stands for “very superior old pale,” 75% of which probably describes your dad pretty well. The Natur & Eleganse line conatains no additives too, just in case he read some article about how additives are going to kill us all. $61





Fathers Day Booze… for SEO purposes. Not gonna lie.

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