Fake Booze & Food Holidays Need To Stop

fake national booze and food holidays

Food holidays and national celebration of one particular alcohol days need to die a quick death.

It started with a few booze & food holidays days here and there. It was a harmless excuse to drink a beer on a Tuesday or have a margarita some random Sunday. Now, it’s gotten out of hand. It’s become obnoxious, and they’ve taken all the fun out of fictitious celebrations.

Every week there’s a new day for which I’m supposed to make cocktails. Why? Because some paid $140 to have it listed in a stupid database and created a hashtag. Recently I almost didn’t post my delicious mojito recipe because it was too close to National Mojito Day. Now that would be a travesty, and it’s 100% counter to what these brands are hoping to attain.

I love getting pitches from PR/Marketing companies, and the majority of the people sending them are awesome. Hell, that’s how I decide what to drink half the time. I just don’t want them to be tied to some stupid fake holiday that people pretend is real. Send me a great cocktail using your product, and I’ll make it any day of any month. /rant

Bacon DayKahlua Day
BBQ MonthLager Day
Beer DayLemonade Day
Bloody Mary DayMargarita Day
Bourbon DayMartini Day
Bourbon Heritage MonthMeatball Day
Burger DayMen Make Dinner Day
Burger MonthMichelada Day
Cheesecake DayMojito Day
Chicken Wing DayMustard Day
Chocolate DayNational Cognac Day
Chocolate Mint DayNegroni Week
Coffee DayOnion Ring Day
Coffee MonthOyster Day
Cucumber DayPanini Month
Daiquiri DayPasta Month
Drink Wine DayPeanut Butter & Jelly Day
Eggs Benedict DayPickle Month
Espresso DayPicnic Month
French Fries DayPig Day
Fried Chicken DayPina Colada Day
Gin & Tonic DayPopcorn Day
Gingersnap DayPunch Day
Grilled Cheese MonthRum Day
Grilling MonthSandwich Month
Guacamole DaySausage Month
Happy Hour DayScotch Day
Hot Chocolate DayTaco Day
Hot Dog DayTequila Day
Hot Dog MonthVodka Day 
Hot Toddy DayWatermelon Day
Ice Cream MonthWedge Day
Ice Tea DayWhiskey Day
Ice Tea MonthWhiskey Sour Day
IPA DayWine Day
Jerky Day


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