Duke Cannon Hatchet Dominates Father’s Day

Duke Cannon Hatchet

Nothing says “I love you dad” like a Duke Cannon Hatchet.

I’m a big Duke Cannon fan. So much so that I gave a ammo can full of soap and shaving stuff to my brother as a bribe gift for being my best man this year. It never occurred to me that it could also make a great Father’s Day present. Not surprisingly, that thought had already occurred to the brand.

There are six different kits put together for Father’s Day, and while I’d be happy with my unfertilized child buying me any of them, one is the clear winner. That would be the Duke Cannon Hatchet set you see above.

Do I need a hatchet? No. And unless your name is Benjamin Martin, you probably don’t need one either. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be awesome to have one. Even with its almost non-existent use it’s still a better gift than the tie or bottle of mediocre booze you were going to buy your dad.

So here’s what you get:

  • Duke Cannon hatchet made of sharp US steel forged to genuine American hickory
    • 19oz head weight, 18” handle length
    • Each Duke Cannon hatchet is hand crafted, so no two are exactly the same
  • Duke Cannon steel bottle opener 
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap, accomplishment (bergamot/black pepper scent)
  • Big Ass Brick of Soap, productivity (light mint scent)
  • Heavy duty hand soap (made with pumice for removing dirt, grease)
  • Tactical soap on a rope (mesh scrubber with military spec paracord)
  • Bloody Knuckles hand repair balm (unscented)
  • Cannon Balm tactical lip protectant 
  • Authentic military ammunition can. 

This shoe in for “son of the year” will run you $175. If you don’t love your dad that much though, there have Father’s Day sets as low as $25.

Check out the Duke Cannon hatchet and the other glorious option here.

duke cannon hatchet

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