DIY Beer Costumes for Lazy and/or Broke People

Channel your inner frat star or sorority sister with these DIY beer costumes

beer costumesIf you’re still looking for a Halloween costume, look no further than the empty cases you have strewn about your house. Natty Light has put together instructions for how to make your own beer costumes using their 30-packs. They range from stupidly simple bunny ears for a Playboy Bunny outfit to beer costumes that you’d need a degree from IKEA to build, such as the beer case robot. I’d say shoot for the moon — Natty Light did that too — and go for NattyTron. And if you don’t have empty boxes lying around, it’s the perfect excuse to go out and buy some… which I assume was the whole point of them making these diagrams.

And if these don’t do it for you, here are a few other ideas from beer-case heroes.

beer costumes

beer costumes

Natty Light DIY Beer Costumes

Colin Joliat
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