Dîner en Blanc comes to Chicago for ultimate al fresco dinner

Diddy might have thrown the most outrageous White Parties (he brought an original copy of the Declaration of Independence one year), but Dîner en Blanc started the trend of classy white-clad affairs a decade earlier.

What began as a small dinner in Paris has grown into an annual international event, and Chicago will play host to Dîner en Blanc for the sixth straight year. The question is, where in Chicago is Carmen Sandiego dinner going to be?”

First, the basics.

The evening begins as friends old and new converge at a meeting point prior to the main event. From there, they are led by a Dîner en Blanc – Chicago volunteer to an iconic outdoor Chicago destination, of which the location remains secret until the very moment they arrive. Dressed entirely in white, guests are enlisted to bring a picnic basket, table, chairs and table settings. With the city as a backdrop, attendees enjoy music, entertainment, dancing and new friends upon arrival and throughout the evening.

dîner en blanc

Previous locations for the event have been the South Gardens of the Art Institute, Pioneer Plaza, Lincoln Park Zoo’s Nature Boardwalk, Federal Plaza, and Queen’s Landing. Not exactly somewhere you could typically just plop down a picnic, which is part of the beauty of Dîner en Blanc.

One can only imagine where they choose to top themselves in 2017. Considering last year’s event was attended by 3,000 people, it’s safe to say they’ll need a large space. My money is on Soldier Field. It will be the best thing to happen on that grass all year.

Boozist has secured an invite to this year’s Chicago Dîner en Blanc, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for a behind the scenes look at Chicago’s classiest party. Word on the street is that they frown upon double-fisting champagne, but they might make an exception if I double pop the pinkies.

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