Dave Weglarz is pinnacle of passion for craft whiskey

Dave Weglarz StilL 630 DoubleBarrel Rally Point Rye

Dave Weglarz is the embodiment of craft whiskey

Many talk about the difference between craft and macro producers being passion. While I’m the first to say that’s a load of horseshit, you can’t argue that Dave Weglarz of StilL 630 isn’t the most passionate whiskey maker on Earth. Well, you could. But you’d be wrong.

Just look at this guy. I’ve never been this excited about anything in my life, and he’s talking about going to work. Forget the medals and awards. They’re a testament to the quality of his whiskey, but they’re secondary to the man himself. The people are the reason we support craft.

In a world where consumers understandably seek out the lowest priced sufficient option, small craft distilleries just don’t fit. They don’t have the economies of scale to sell at a low price. They don’t have the capital for big branding because it’s all tied up in whiskey that’s sitting around aging.

They don’t have the capacity to pick and choose which barrels they will sell so what goes into the barrel for the most part has to end up in the bottle. Bottles are unknown yet costly at a time when consumers demand more information before purchasing than ever before.

That’s why the people are so important. Rally Point Rye, S.S. Sorghum Whiskey, and Expedition Rum, all distilled by StilL 630, demand purchase by their quality and taste alone, but I really buy them because I want to support Dave Weglarz. I like knowing that my drinking is helping someone else live their dream. Someone who is as absurdly passionate as him deserves my liver’s attention.

If you’re anywhere near St. Louis, go support Dave Weglarz and StilL 630. Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to stand with a guy who built a raft out of beer barrels? And if you’re local to STL, join their anniversary party on 6/30, your once chance at some awesome special releases.

Colin Joliat
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