Moscow Mules Now Being Served at 10,000 Feet

Crafthouse Cocktails Moscow Mule United

Crafthouse Cocktails ensure you drink with more style than you fly.

So there I am, crammed in the back of an airplane with a few hundred of my closest strangers. I wasn’t seated next to Shamu or anything, but that doesn’t make a flying tin can any more comfortable. You know what does though? Drinking. Thankfully there’s now a cocktail that’s 10,000 feet above the warm glass of whiskey I usually order.

Crafthouse Cocktails, the bottled cocktail brand launched by former World Charles Bartender of the Year, Charles Joly, has partnered with United Airlines to bring a legit drink to the friendly skies. You can sit, seatbelt fastened of course, and sip on a delicious Moscow Mule made with small-batch premium vodka, ginger beer, lime juice and cane sugar.

The beauty of Crafthouse Cocktails finding its way on to United is how easy it makes it to have a great drink. There aren’t flight attendants trying to mix a decent Moscow Mule in between answering call buttons from obnoxious travelers. Charles Joly took care of all that way back in the development phase. Now it’s just handing over a bottle. It’s 200ml, too, so that’s good for two drinks in those adorable little plastic airline cups.

As of now the partnership is only with United Airlines, but with any luck American and Southwest will be added in the future. The 1st Lady of Boozist was upgraded to 1st Class on our recent American Airlines flight to New Orleans and was kind enough to send back a cup of “apple juice” which turned out to actually be three fingers of whiskey. While I was a happy man, I could have used a Crafthouse Cocktails Moscow Mule as a chaser.

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– Colin Joliat

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