Cocktail Accessories With 2-Day Shipping Are Your Only Hope

Cocktail Accessories

Cocktail Accessories are the gifts you’ve been looking for.

Cocktail accessories are the ultimate fallback item for gifts. Everyone needs them. Most people want them. And Amazon can get them to you in just two days. That’s right, you can still order online and get things before Christmas. If you’re a master like me, just have them shipped to wherever you’re celebrating Christmas, and then wrap them when you arrive. Now you don’t even have to carry presents!

There are plenty of different cocktail accessories that can be useful, so we tried to pare the list down to a few mainstays. There are easily 100 things on Amazon that we’d be happy to have, but these are things we already own (for the most part) and love. Who better to give them a test drive than those who are technically professional drinkers?

Shopping for wine drinker? We’ve got those too!

If you know of other must-have cocktail accessories, definitely find us on social media (Facebook, Twitter) and let us know. Just because we have a lot of cool stuff doesn’t mean we don’t want more!

Manhattan Insulated Two-Bottle Cocktail Case/Bar Tool Kit

Your picnic will smell of rich mahogany with this case perfect for Manhattans on the go. It has everything you need (except booze) and whole lot of other awesome stuff, like vermouth mister. You know you’ve always wanted to give someone a vermouth mister. This is the one way to give a booze related gift and not have it feel like a cop out. $165 – Get it here.


Royal Doulton Decanter Set

Great whiskey demands great vessels. This beautiful decanter and glasses will looks as good on the shelf as the whiskey tastes in your stomach. It’s Mad Men meets affordability. There are only 7 left in stock though, so don’t sit around debating if someone is worth it! $159 – Get it here.

Back up option in case the first sells out.



Menu Champagne Sabre

You know you’ve always wanted to sabre a bottle of champagne. Now you can make it a reality for someone else. Form meets function in the single most intoxicating sword you could possibly give for Christmas. $150 – Get it here.




Penguin Shaker

My mom bought me one of these years ago, and it might have been my best gift yet. It’s not only awesome, but it’s perfectly sufficient for makeing cocktails. Sadly you can’t pour out of the penguin beak, but it’s still the best shaker on the market. He’s wearing a bowtie for shits sake. $26 – Get it here.



Rabbit Bar Tools Set

Everything you need to make cocktails. Well, you probably need a shaker (see above), some booze (see here), and bitters (see below). But Rabbit has you covered for the actual making part of things. Biggest improvement over others? The narrow caddy. Fits the counter precisely 10x better than others. $40 – Get it here.



Berg & Hauck’s Cocktail Bitters Sampler Set

Bitters are a mandatory addition to most cocktails worth drinking, so be prepared with a sample pack. It has staples like Aromatic and Orange bitters and gets creative with Celery, Lemon, and Creole. I’m getting married in New Orleans next year, so I’m definitely boosting my intake of creole bitters! $19 – Get it here.



Turin Johnnie Walker Dark Chocolates

It’s chocolate and whisky. What more do you need to know? Two of the greatest products in the world come together, and you’re asking questions? The nerve. I should just shut this website down now. $22 – Get it here.



Eparé Whiskey Stone Set

Whiskey Stones have been the king of all gifts for the the past couple years. They’re simple; they’re cheap, and people love them. It’s the easiest way to keep whiskey chilled without turning it into a 20-proof cup of sadness. Plus it makes people feel super classy for some reason. $12 – Get it here.



Rox Ice Ball Maker – Sphere Mold Ice Cube Tray

Whiskey on the rocks is for people without taste buds. Whiskey on the rock, however, is for connoisseurs of glorious flavor. Add just the right amount of dilution and chill by dropping a giant sphere into your glass. Plus it makes for better cocktail photos than 2 fingers of whiskey in a 14-ounce glass. $17 – Get it here.

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